• Winter Baseball Meetings; Strausberg, Cole, Rendon, Wheeler all get BIG money
    • Cole: 7/245 (35/year)
    • Rendon: 7/245
    • Strausberg: 7/245
    • Wheeler: 5/110
  • College football playoffs set - championship week suuuucked
  • Which Bowl games do you care about?
  • Aztecs vs Central Michigan
  • The class of the NFL sets the pace (Chiefs/Ravens/49ers/Saints)
  • Aztecs MBB - is this the start of something special?
  • Seals home opener this weekend.
  • SD Loyal signs the first player in franchise history. 
    • https://twitter.com/SanDiegoLoyal/status/1204808800034643968?s=20
  • What makes for a movie you want to see in theaters vs at home?
  • Can you watch a movie not on a couch in the theater?
  • Favorite movie theater snack
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