• Welcome to Spring Training
  • Former pitchers lawsuit against the Houston Astros for the cheating scandal
  • NFL the offseason of the QB
    • Brady, rivers, Brees (technically), Tannehill, Dak Prescott, Jameis Winston are all UFAs
  • San Diego State Aztecs two wins, and the nets are cut down (half share of the title)
    • And could be the number one seed in the east
      • That means playing in MSG and #2 seed in the east? Duke
  • XFL debut, thoughts
  • Legion wins opener 33-24
    • Next game is the 16th at home vs. Colorado Raptors
  • SD Loyal Kits revealed  https://twitter.com/fair_pod/status/1228159972585852929?s=20
  • 2020 - Breitbard HOF Rob Machado, Jerry Coleman, Reggie Bush
  • Thoughts on the Oscars?
    • Did the right movie win?
    • Should it have a host
    • What’s your best movie of the last year and your favorite actors too
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