• Aztec CFB - Fresno cancelled, Colorado added

    • Colorado smoked Aztecs
  • Aztecs 3-0 in MBB, smoked UCLA and UCI
  • COVID runs wild in the NFL
    • 19 players were put on the COVID list
    • First 0.0 rating QB but that should come with a massive asterisk 
    • Ravens have a massive infection
    • 4 bronco QBs get COVID
  • NFL 
    • GM Dave Caldwell of the Jags gone
    • Falcons fired both HC Dan Quinn & GM Thomas Dimitrioff
    • Lions fired coach Matt Patricia & GM Bob Quinn
    • Anthony Lynn/Adam Gase supposedly all but fired
  • Unique Nintendo games (not kiddy ones) 
    • Bayonetta, Mad World, No More Heroes, Zombii U, House of the Dead Overkill
  • ALL PlayStation 5’s in the US have been sold
    • 2x as many PS5 sold as Xbox’s
  • Bioware - Death of a gaming company again 
  • Mandalorian getting better and better
    • Ahsoka Tano/references to Star Wars Rebels (Spoiler Alert)
  • Warner Brothers will release their ENTIRE 2021 movie lineup on HBO Max and in theaters
  • Netflix increases their price by another $2
    • LC review Hillbilly Elegy - phenomenal 
  • How are you enjoying Ready Player 2?
  • Grid Podshow DISCORD https://discord.gg/S6yfqSbz
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