Hello House of Hayne

  • Became a Charger fan
  • Leaving since they did
  • how has your fandom for the NFL changed?
  • The Murph and other memories

  • The retirement of Philip Rivers - and thanks San Diego specifically
    • Is he a hall of famer?
  • Super Bowl Set; KC vs. TB
    • AFC Kids Table, NFC Early Bird special
  • Padres add another pitcher; hometown boy Joe Musgrove
  • Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston
    • James Harden as well forced his way out

      • Complained about the roster
    • Ridiculous moves by GM (trading DeAndre Hopkins) and not listening to his request for HC
    • When/Where/How would a player demanding a trade be seen as reasonable?
    • Aaron Rogers also wants a trade
  • WandaVision first three episodes review
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