• Super Bowl Review
    • Tom Brady is the greatest and there is no argument any longer
  • NFL HOF class
    • Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Calvin Johnson, Alan Faneca, John Lynch Jr.
      • JL is the 4th San Diego County HS player to go to the HOF
        • Junior Seau, Terrell Davis, Marcus Allen
  • RIP Marty Shottenheimer
  • Aztecs - where are they right now?
    • Coming back in a big way but are they still a NCAA tournament contender?
  • Padres - 5 years ago the Padres signed James Shields to the largest contract in history at the time (4 yr $73mil)
    • Can you think (ironically) of a more consequential contract in padre history?
    • Did you ever imagine that that would have been lapped multiple times by the Padres since?
  • San Diego Seals - MLL cancelled
  • Gulls 3-0
  • Rock & Roll HOF nominees, pick five
  • Does Christine want to see Wandavision anymore?
    • Did the fourth/fifth episode help save it?
      • Everyone is talking about it, and the big spoiler end of episode 5
    • Does this portend the future of any other marvel shows?
      • Ironically does this make a show like Falcon/Winter Soldier seem very bland?
  • Gina Carano’s firing?
  • Loren’s PS5 review
    • Why is he only playing PS4 games though?
      • Spiderman/Detroit become Human
      • Fall Guys
    • Any favorite excluses from Ray
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