• March Madness - Brackets
    • Aztecs vs. Syracuse on Friday
      • Kudos to Utah State, made it in at large
    • UC Irvine unfortunately didn’t make it
    • Any thoughts on who could be a big upset?
      • Remembering UMBC upsetting Virginia
    • Have you ever won a bracket before?
  • Does any sport do free agency better than the NFL?
    • Patriots lose their mind
    • What are the Raiders doing?
  • Drew Brees Retires
  • NFL Deals with ALL the networks
  • NBA Top Shots https://www.nbatopshot.com/
  • Apple Bundle - Worth it? - Apple One
    • Exercise/TV/Arcade?
  • Bethesda are XBOX exclusives now, which one and does it matter?
  • DC - Zach Snyder - is Ray sufficiently excited?
  • Movie theaters officially open in San Diego
    • What movies would you watch in theaters?
      • LC: Black Widow & Mortal Kombat
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